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Chapter 2 Page 21
Chapter 2 Page 21

The story of a princess' decline in morality, due to the corrupt royal system regarding princesses. Which robbed her of her youth, hopes, and dreams. Then left her discarded and betrayed. This is her quest for vengeance, against not only her own, but all kingdoms that partake in the corrupt royal structure.

Back in action

Sorry it took so long, I really didn't intend for anything to take so long at all, but life sure has a habit of throwing wrenches my into gears.

I'm really sorry for everything and I'm truly grateful to the fans that have stuck in there this whole time, by now you're probably expecting some answers as to what happened so let me try my best to explain without writing an 20 page essay.
As far as my arm goes it's better and somewhat manageable but not healed, and it probably never will, which is a good example for all other artists out there, over usage can cause permanent pains and it's not even remotely fun at all. I still have to baby it like crazy and knowing this is a long term problem I'll just have to live with it and learn to draw faster and be more efficient with my time.

Aside from that my situation in life has gotten progressively worse, when I started this comic I was cranking it out while going to school as an art major but finances kept being terrible and I had to stop going for 'awhile' until I could, which has yet to happen as we even lost our house and currently I've been crashing at my friend's place, no idea how long this will last for but hopefully something will work and I'll be able to put my life back on track.

Circumstances being as such I haven't been able to do anything with the comic for over a year and I feel really ashamed for that fact, I feel like I let everyone down including myself and I wish there was some way I could change that, even so all I can change is the future so I've decided to instead of aiming for weekly pages I'll just update whenever possible, with the hopes of weekly releases. This might be a letdown but it'll be better than yearly pauses, and the one good thing about having my arm whacked so long is it made me a lot faster at drawing, since I had a lot less time to work in when I did try anything.

Speaking of which I decided to upload a comic I've been working on in my sketchbook. I call it Errant Venture and I'll be uploading it whenever I can too.

I know this isn't the best news and it might be disappointing but despite the annoyingly ridiculously odds I still haven't given up.

Posted by: Janak On October 16th, 2011, 6:01 pm  •   0 comments

At the suggestion of my manager/editor I’m going to take a very short hiatus in order to improve on the comic’s essentials. Misplaced Princess is my very first comic I’ve ever made…ever and as such there are a lot of things about the process of making one that I’ve done both right and wrong in learning how to make one; so this is an inevitable bump in the road that’s like an annoying speed bump when you want to hall ass down the parking lot, I really hate those!

Thanks to hard work and the help of friends and people I’ve repeatedly bugged for advice I’ve learned a lot about making comics and with each page I’ve improved a lot, quite distinctly I hope and I plan to incorporate everything into refining the rest of the comic over this short period; one thing I’d like to start doing is making the comic in color, because color is shiny and I really like it! If for some reason I can’t I’ll be very gloomy… GLOOOOOM!

One of the reasons for this is that the updates have been getting delayed and the quality suffering despite it, and that’s partially because I’ve been over working my hand to the point that it hurts to even hold it up, it’s definitely not a good idea to work a full shift of at work then come home to draw until bed and repeat several days in a row, it’s pretty much killed my arm and has slowed me down considerably in fear of aggravating it; Not exactly my idea of a good time mind you. Also I originally designed MP as a novel, so although this version is far better and more fun, the pace has to be revised somewhat otherwise I’ll be making this comic longer than the Simpsons, LOL!

As always I’m tremendously grateful and happy for all the readers and comments, just know I’m definitely not stopping, just charging up my super combo! So I hope no one stops reading because of this, or the tea party will take place without you and we certainly don’t want that! …right teacup? Teacup says yes.

Posted by: Janak On May 24th, 2010, 12:43 pm  •   0 comments
The Wired Has You, And Totally Saw What You Did There

HOORAY! Not only is there a new webpage layout but I also got an ustream account, now you can watch me make the comic! See how it looks and maybe catch some spoilers. ;3
And yeah, you'll totally get spoilers, I mean you'll see what happens before it's posted, oh my! I might also sketch and doodle too, imagine that! Or maybe playing a game, cause that would be fun.

Just click on the "Live show" tab and watch, apparently you can chat or use twitter to leave comments, sounds like a blast to me!
Oh and I have a pretty random drawing schedule, so it could be at any time, or pop up after a short break, I never know that's what keeps it exciting.

Posted by: Janak On March 4th, 2010, 10:53 pm  •   0 comments
I want candy! er, I mean, uh oh!

So I've been having bad tooth aches recently and went to the dentist today, apparently I have a big cavity near the nerve which explains everything and probably why I’ve been feeling bad so often. I'm going to have to get at least two teeth pulled, kinda not feeling too thrilled about that. Anyway as long as the pain medication I’m on doesn’t make me too completely loopy; I’m not going to stop making comics, I refuse to let anything stop me unless it’s something insanely horrific, or I’m totally out of it on pain pills. Well I should go back to enjoying a nice tea party with the dragon, teacup and the princess; it’s ever so much fun we were talking about our hobbies... Oh wait that didn’t actually happen… UH OH! Anyhow hopefully nothing will impede the story, since a story once started should not cease till it reaches its end.

Posted by: Janak On January 23rd, 2010, 8:24 pm  •   0 comments
The bird is the word

If ever you walk down the street and say to yourself "I wonder what misplace princess is up to?" well now you can giddily run home and easily check, since I got a twitter, and I'll update stuff on there, no more "what's goin' on" kinda junk anymore! ...assuming someone actually skips around town pondering web comics, besides me of course.. :3

Also no word on the layout yet however since the school semesters over productivities probably going to kick into high gear! ...If I can only find my nitro's...

Posted by: Janak On December 19th, 2009, 12:41 am  •   1 comments
Stay tuned for THE NEWS

Sorry I haven’t been updating the news very much I’ll have to get back on that, and as for news my friends helping me work on a new layout for the page, hopefully that’ll be done soon; knowing us though don’t expect it right away. D:
OMG I just found this awesome video from the people who made illegal Danish, >link< it has everything in it! A princess in a tower guarded by a dragon being rescued by a knight, and even a scare crow! When I saw that I laughed so hard I couldn’t believe it, replace the Slim Jim with the teacup and it has all my characters so far! It made me wish I could rewrite some of the chapter to be more like that video, although I suppose it might be a rip off at that point, I just think it’s funny and can’t stop snickering to myself.
And have you seen the latest episode of venture brothers? Phantom limb goes insane and starts to talk to a coffee mug like the princess does, it was awesome! Maybe I’m a bit crazy like the princess but I love it when shows have similar themes in them. :3

Posted by: Janak On November 21st, 2009, 8:48 pm  •   0 comments
Comic Con Summery

I had an amazing time at comic con, truly amazing! I spent most of the time wandering around finding some of my favorite artist in an attempt ask them what they thought of my comic. and I must admit I do feel pretty crappy about myself after all the critiques and suggestions about my work, even so I know I’ll improve and grow so much faster with honest advice than kind pleasantries, so I press on despite anything that may upset me, and I’d rather have my mistakes honestly placed in front of me now than repeated again and again, If I’m ever to reach my goals I’ll definitely have to face worst things than the honest truth I asked for.
I got some great advice from Brion and Jen from Flipside and Mystic Revolution about making web comics and a lot the stuff that goes along with it. Dirk from Paradigm Shift gave me great tips on how to work on the flow of a story and aspects of storytelling. I went over to the Antarctic Press booth and got some advice from David Hutchison and Fred Perry, David pointed out a lot of things I need to add to my drawings and also drew the commission I posted; I’m so happy with it. Fred showed me how to think about perspective and how to apply it. I talked to the Penny Arcade guys, that was a lot of fun, I also got to talk to Bobby Chiu, that man is a natural at teaching, I learned more from talking to him for 30 minutes than I did in a semester of art class. I talked to Dean Yeagle about instilling life and emotion into characters. Eisu who draws Marry Me and No Pink Ponies had some good advice about drawing dragons, and I talked to Diana Sprinkle and she oddly enough said around 60% of what everyone else did combined, I guess she really knew her stuff; I also found a good art reference book thanks to her. There were also other artists whose names I forgot. D:
That wasn’t all though, incredible things did happen throughout it, I got to chat with Chamba and Omar from the Udon Crew for awhile, I thanked Omar for ripping me a new one last year and he asked to see my work for some improvement, about a quarter through my portfolio he remembered me and eventually he invited me to chat with him at his hotel, I was ecstatic, I got to sit at a table with members of the Udon crew and talk about artwork for a few hours, and I must say the advice given was exceptionally good, not just about art but about life and living as an artist. I also got to wander the convention awhile with him, he pointed out artist that’d be good to ask advice from and to study; and I did of course. I must say Omar is such a great guy I’m glad someone like him is one of my favorite artist.

Another funny thing is I wandered around the keenspot booth frequently; I really like their comics, I also liked joking around with the people there, they were streaming the convention with a webcam and we joked around with some of the people online, who mostly made fun of us. I also told Bobby Crosby, the writer of Marry Me, that I wanted to cosplay as Guy next year, he said I kind of look like him except for the long hair, and started calling me Hippy Guy, it was hilarious, I also joked with a girl there who apparently looks like Parker, Guy’s best friend, so we got along pretty well acting as fictional characters.
They were cool and let me watch the booth for them while they had a panel up stairs, it was kind of tough and I didn’t know what to do very well, I’m really surprised they let some random person watch all their stuff, I did sell a few comics though and I honestly didn’t steal anything either. I got to stay after the convention was over and help tear down the keenspot booth, afterwards Bobby treated Parker and I to dinner and we went bowling, It was funny that the guy played a game with two of his fictional characters, but he thoroughly kicked our ass, Parker beat him at pool later, but only because he knocked the eight ball into the wrong pocket.
All in all it was an exceptional time, I never would have believed I’d have gotten to talk to and hang out with so many of my favorite artist and writers.


Posted by: Janak On July 28th, 2009, 2:34 pm  •   0 comments
Kat - is wearing her bitchy pants

Matts a lazy ass today, (at least he finished the comic...)

so i'm sitting here at home doing what i usually do every Friday - too burned out to do anything useful, recapping what has happened this week, and trying hard not to freak about what i need to do next week.

Needless to say I was caught off guard this Wednesday. I was shopping around
wal-mart and this odd guy that worked there popped up every other isle that i went to...even in the women's section. So after i get my mothers prescription filled i go to a line to check out, im texting away on my lovely blackberry (<3) and look up to see that 'that guy' was my Cashier...needless to say it was interesting... to get stalked by a cashier for around 45 minutes, but was not my cup of tea. Anyway i call up matt and laugh my ass off.

Having given this some thought, I've decided the next random person who follows me around, will be required to be able to dispatch
zombies with a crossbow.

/end rant\

Posted by: Janak On July 9th, 2009, 7:26 pm  •   0 comments
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